Moovi UV-C

Moovi UV-C

Give yourself a peace of mind with the Moovi UV-C

UVC lighting

With the Covid-19 pandemic set to be classified as endemic and part of our new normal, it remains important to keep us and our loved ones safe.

It makes us more aware about staying sanitized and ensuring the cleanliness of our own spaces.

What about the bacteria and germs around us that we cannot see?

How can we tell if our indoor spaces are actually clean?

Introducing the Moovi UV-C, a portable germicide lamp that uses medical-grade UV-C technology to remove germs and bacteria in the air, making it perfect for your home, office space, shopfront, or restaurant.

Just simply plug it in, and with a push of a button, it can:  

  • Kill up to 99.9% of microorganisms like bacteria and mould, preventing viruses from multiplying
  • Sterilize surfaces up to 25m2 and surrounding areas up to 60m3
  • Improve air quality within 30 minutes
  • Detect when someone enters the room and cuts off temporarily during the sanitization process.

 Many UV germicidal lamps available online do not clearly state the risks of handling and using such products, some even using ozone to reinforce the killing process, which can cause severe health effects if not handled properly. 

The Moovi UV-C produces 254nm wavelengths and is ozone free, which not only makes it Safe, Effective and compliant to NEA’s safety guidelines.

 UVC lighting

*Comparison is made with similar products on online marketplaces (Amazon, Lazada, Wish etc.)
**Compliant with NEA Safety Guidelines for Use of UVC Devices in Commercial/Industrial Settings.


Make effective sanitization simple & effortless with Moovi UV-C, and give yourself a peace of mind.

Contact us to learn more today.

CAUTION: While using any UV-C products, please ensure that all person(s) and animals leave the room before starting the sanitization process. Extended exposure to UV-C radiation is harmful to humans and animals, and could potentially cause eye and skin irritations if handled incorrectly.

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