Esperienze Celebration - Uniquely classy for any party

Esperienze Celebration - Uniquely classy for any party

wine glass

Item : NE06400C Celebration

Make your celebration a lot more special!

As part of the Esperienze collection, the Celebration may seem like an ordinary red wine glass at first.

But with a closer look, you see the details.

A subtle distinction compared with other wine glasses, but one that makes its own statement within the collection.

 Wine glass

The Celebration’s wider base compared to an ordinary wine glass.

Finely crafted in crystal glass and designed in Italy, it keeps the patented rippled bowl design that enhances the distinctive characteristics of great wines while drinking, showing the hues and reflections in your drink without tilting the glass, adding an elegant and sophisticated touch for any occasion.

The wider base gives new function to the glass itself, which can be used for an accompanying appetizer with your drink, or as a light absorbent coaster.

wine glass

A distinct quality item that draws attention in a sleek bar, a cocktail party, or even just a simple TGIF gathering with friends, which complements red wines (Amarone and Pinot Nero), beer, Spritz or other aperitifs of your choice.

Now available as part of our Tableware collection.  

Check it out today!

For Red wines, aperitifs, cocktail, beer
NE06400C Celebration (cl 64|h 210|Ø 115)

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