Innovative Wine Tasting

Innovative Wine Tasting

The Zafferano Esperienze Collection 🍷wine glass, decanter

Item: Decanter, NE04500 – Sauvignon Blanc/Riesling, NE6000 – Pinot Noir, NE3800 - Flûte.

The pleasure of drinking wine begins with the glass.

Selecting the right tasting glass allows the wine to express all its qualities, with the shape of the wine glass determining the aromas and flavours in the wine that is released.

This intuition led designer Federico de Majo to create the Tableware collection Esperienze for Zafferano, with a patented design inspired by puddles of water during a rainy day, creating a myriad of concentric rings vibrating in the mirror.

wine glass

Item: NE04500 – Sauvignon Blanc/Riesling

The distinctive ripples at the bottom of the wine glass increases the surface area in contact with the wine to enhance swirling and oxygenation, which facilitates the consecutive phases in the wine tasting process until it is perfectly ready to drink.

These ripples also allow the colours and tinges of the wine to be observed without tilting the glass.

wine glass
Item: NE06400C Celebration

The Esperienze Collection Lead-free Crystal Glass is made of fine crystal glass, a top-quality material chosen for its transparency, excellent flexibility, and high resistance to breakage and washing. (dishwasher safe up to a maximum temperature of 60°C).

Combining great attention to design and intensive product research, the wine glasses in the Esperienze collection are highly appreciated for wine tasting.

They are chosen to enhance great wines and used as official wine glasses at prestigious wine events such as “Vinitaly”. They are also easy to use for simple convivial occasions at home.

Check out the Esperienze collection and change the way you taste wine today!

Available from our Party Time collection.

For Sparkling wine, White wine, and Champagne
NE3800 (cl 38|h 245|Ø 76) Flûte
NE04500 (cl 45|h 210|Ø 89) – Sauvignon Blanc/Riesling

For Red wines
NE6000 (cl 60|h 220|Ø 100) – Pinot Noir
NE8000 (cl 80|h 242|Ø 112) – Important aged Red wines

For Red wines, aperitifs, cocktail, beer
NE06400C Celebration (cl 64|h 210|Ø 115)

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